Grab That Cheap Ticket to Barcelona and Run!!!

In a Rut

Food and Art Barcelona Style! Not to be deep or anything, but travel is really the window onto the soul of human kind. And how else does human kind express itself other than, yes, you guessed it, we’re back to food and art. I was in a rut, needed to escape Valentine’s day. I wanted to go somewhere, somewhere I could travel alone and feel safe, somewhere I could afford and somewhere that would open my heart and mind. But, it had to be cheap. Fortunately New York is a … More…


Discovering Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline

A Hong Kong I Never Knew Existed I’m going to be honest. Hong Kong has never really held any allure for me. I have always equated it with mass consumerism, a highly hierarchical society and far too many haves in a land of have-nots. A rush to buy, to get it cheap, to get it now, that’s what I have always thought when people went on about just how wonderful it is, how beautiful, magical, whatever. I was just happy I never had to go. And then, of course, as … More…


Operation Smile-Brazil

Matt in Buzios

God, somebody help me. Ever since returning from Las Cabos, I’ve been scouring the paper, browsing tabloids at checkout stands, in search of what else? Celebs, man! I’m looking for celebs in exotic places, places I can just dive into. Hawaii is always a hot spot, sure Pink’s there bronzing her big belly, Hugh Jackman is shaking off the snow, and Jennifer Aniston is well, she’s there a whole lot. But I’m bored. I want more. I want some place that’s warm, a place I’ve never been before, a place … More…


Spring Travel: Start Your Children early

Paris In Your Hnad

Spring Travel: Start Your Children Early After a particularly traumatizing glimpse at MTV’s Spring break, I vowed to my husband that my then unborn children would never, and I mean never, as in over my dead body, be one of the kids heading to Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. And how will you prevent this? He laughed. By taking them to Paris, to Vienna and Madrid, by taking her to London and New York, by spending our Spring Breaks at museums. Hah! He responded. First of all as … More…


Tel Aviv-A Modern City On The Sea

Tel Aviv-A Modern City On The Sea If you are considering buying your cheap flight to Tel Aviv we compiled an interesting list of things to see and do in this Middle East’s most liberal and fun city. Here in this white city, things are quite a bit different from heady Jerusalem where religion and devotion dominate. Here it is openness and fun that dominates. There are more bars than synagogues and the overall vibe is far more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. By far the most international city in Israel, Tel … More…

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