Boomerang – First Ever All-in-one iPad Mount & Stand

ipad and boomerang go together

It used to be that it was your passport you couldn’t leave home without. Now it’s the iPad. The iPad has taken a lot of stress out of travel. Think about it, all the things that used to get you down, piss you off, make you feel like pulling your hair out, is gone. Thanks to that sleek little beauty that allows you to read the paper, read books, play games, work, watch shows. Now waiting at the airport, sitting on long flights, weathering winter storm delays. Well, it’s just … More…


Bond, James Bond—Your Travel Guide

skyfall-daniel craig

James Bond inspires travel. I’m serious. I’d go anywhere he goes that’s for sure. The locations, the sex, the women, the mystery all make us watch the film and think, “Man I want to go there!” And it’s not just me. Film after film, no one has given us more inspiration to travel the world than James Bond. On November 9 the U.S. premiere of “Skyfall,” the 23rd. Bond film hits and of course Daniel Craig is a major stud, the gadgets are cool and sleek and the locations are … More…


Silence, please!

yes, please

If you’ve heard this from me before, forgive me, but God damn it do I dream of a silent retreat. I have four kids, two dogs- one old and bitter, the other young and feisty- and I dream of going on a quiet retreat. If I had to poll- and all you facebook users please go nuts here-I’d bet it’d be far more women than men who dream of silence. Then again, maybe not. According to research, silence is said to soothe frazzled nerves and lower blood pressure, not to … More…


Flights to Berlin- a weekend film festival


Need a cheap flight to Berlin? A week ago, it might have been costly. See the Berlin Film Festival has filled the city with stars, and has made flights to Berlin scarce. But now as it’s beginning to wind down, it’s perfect time to hop a fight to Berlin for the weekend and check out this festival that just keeps getting better and better- seemingly politics free, and unlike Cannes, it has retained a raw, gritty feel to it, as though the films actually matter. With more than 20 participating … More…


Flight to Belize-see it while you still can

belize barrier reef

Fly to Belize and be confused. Belize may be in Central America, tucked under the Yucatan Peninsula between Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the south and west, but it was a British colony for more than 100 years, becoming independent  in 1981. You will hear Creole, Spanish and Garifuna spoken but English is learned and spoken by all, which feels a little weird in a tropical land peppered with Mayan ruins. But this is just one of the qualities that make this such a diverse and rich place … More…

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