What Every Mom Needs to Know

Hawaiian villa

 This is what’s on the lips of most moms these days: How do I know what to rent this summer? And why shouldn’t it be. House rentals are the way to go if you’re a family and even if you’re a couple, sometimes that privacy, that kitchen, that pool and housekeeping service is what couples crave most. But when you’ve never been to the place and have little insider information, just how do you go about finding the dream villa, or perfect city apartment that will cater to your … More…


Don’t You Want to See Cuba Before It’s Too Late?

old havana

With all this talk of Cuba lately, Fidel’s brother’s incredible reforms, his stepping down, I want to see it before the gates really open and the kernel of old, closed Cuba is gone forever. I am a sucker for the story of Castro and Che. Motorcycle Diaries was one of my all-time favorites. And now you can travel to Cuba without too much hassle. The Italians, of course, have been doing it for ages. Where else can you sit on the roof of Havana’s Saratoga Hotel, mojito to hand, listening … More…


Five-star villas for two-star prices….what a great way to spend the holidays.

Casa Miralles, Costa Brava

Did I hear Five-star villas for two-star prices? Seriously forget the snow! who the heck wants to struggle with chapped lips and runny noses when you can pack a bikini and a little Ban de Soliel, huh? And guess what?  Some of these villas you can just wear sweats and drink a butt load of wine, doesn’t that sound better than actually skiing? I think it does. So check this out. Villa rentals that are stunning, will offer you untold amounts of rest and relaxation and won’t break the bank. … More…


Shopping Spree in Jaipur, Anyone?


Do you have any idea how many fashion designers head to Jaipur for design and fashion inspiration? Thousands. Millions. And flights are so cheap and so easy to come by. Most cities like London and Paris seem like calm meadows compared to a place so rich, so thrilling. Jaipur will make you come alive again and for most designers this is why they come. To come alive. It’s as easy as walking into a market stall filled with jeans embroidered with crazy patterns, or at a chic boutique that sells … More…


Bear Grylls Survival Academy: Roasted rat anyone?


Here’s a great Christmas present for your hubby to get him out of the house and take him mind off the boring stuff. A new Bear Grylls-backed academy will equip you with vital survival skills and de-stress you. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy, founded by the mountaineer, adventurer and former SAS soldier who is perhaps best known for eating live frogs, raw goat’s testicles and reindeer droppings, washed down with water squeezed from fresh elephant dung, for our viewing pleasure. Here you won’t get that lucky, here you get rat. … More…

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