Shopping Spree in Jaipur, Anyone?


Do you have any idea how many fashion designers head to Jaipur for design and fashion inspiration? Thousands. Millions. And flights are so cheap and so easy to come by. Most cities like London and Paris seem like calm meadows compared to a place so rich, so thrilling. Jaipur will make you come alive again and for most designers this is why they come. To come alive. It’s as easy as walking into a market stall filled with jeans embroidered with crazy patterns, or at a chic boutique that sells … More…


Bangkok’s new tree-house hotel

Tree House Bangkok

Have I mentioned that I live in a treehouse? Not exactly eco-friendly, quiet or in Bangkok but I do. The good news that if I want to go to Bangkok to experience luxury, exotic treehouse living I can do that as well. Did you know we have the cheapest flights to Bangkok out there? So I can go whenever I want to and so can you. And the next time I do, I want to sleep in the trees, commune with the birds, feel like I’m in heaven.  Listen… Tell me … More…


Slip inside a steamy bath inside a volcano on your next vacation

Dive this

We’re known for our great deals, especially our cheap tickets to places like Manila and the Philippines. It’s a country that doesn’t get its due when it comes to nature tourism even though it is consistently written up as one of the best dive spots on this great planet of ours. Divers, of course, are grateful. But we are agents of travel and it is our job to spread the word when something is meant to be seen. Anyway, when I was writing about the volcano erupting in New Zealand, … More…


Macau’s Got Playboy Bunnies—Say What?

playboy bunnies takeover macau

What’s up with Macau? Is it becoming the Las Vegas of China or what? Actually Macao’s revenue is almost six times bigger. About 28 million tourists, mostly gamblers from mainland China, popped in last year. But now there’s a push to make it more than just a gambling destination. They want to make it a destination in and of itself much like Las Vegas did a decade ago. First there was Cirque du Soleil’s new show “Zaia” staged at The Venetian Macao gambling resort, then there’s the new Playboy club! … More…


Asiana Airlines–Isn’t It time You Heard About Them?

Asiana Airlines

Did you know that they offer tons of flights from LA, Seattle, NY, SF and Chicago to China, Korea, Russia and more? Did you know that Asiana maintains the most modern fleet worldwide and was the first airline in the world to be granted ISO 9002 certification on aircraft maintenance? How about that Asiana was named Airline of the Year 2009 by ATW, Airline of the Year 2010 by Skytrax and Airline of the Year 2011 by Global Traveler? In addition, Asiana has also received a Five Star Airline ranking … More…

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