North Korea—It’s Getting Trendy. Say What?

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Guess what? Pyongyang, the North Korean capital and home to more than 3 million people, is becoming quite the hot spot travel destination these days. I think it sounds like a prison sentence. You tell me: First off: All foreign visitors and tour groups must be accompanied by guards. You can’t photograph much. You can’t walk wherever you want and whatever you do you cannot talk to North Korean people.  They make it so any direct contact with the North Korean people is virtually impossible. But according to most people who’ve been … More…


Take That Turkey—South Korea is Modern. Not Like You.

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South Korea is impressing me more and more these days…. One small step for Asiana flight attendants, one big step for womenkind. I have to hand it to those ladies. They had the you-know-what to tell the airline to hell with your skirts-only rule and they won!!! I also have to hand it to the South Korean human rights commission for coming to the conclusion that making women NOT wear pants was discrimination.  And so starting in a month or two the Seoul-based airline says it will be introducing a pants option. … More…


Korea Is Where it’s At

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I’m telling you, Korea is where it’s at these days. And like other capitols that are bulging with too much, all that greatness in food, fashion, excess has to spill over. That’s why the New York Times food Critic is shouting from the roof top that we have to go to a city called Jeonju, only three hours by bus south of Seoul. Its population is small— 650,000—and its the paradise for Korean food-lovers. But you might need a guide to get you there. Jeonju is seen as a sort of … More…


Cheap Flights to Manila- For Kitesurfing in Boracay

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Just the other day I heard Brad Pitt talking about kitesurfing in Boracay. He was raving about it and that reminded me of just how great and really how untraveled the Philippines really are. Not only are they some of the most beautiful islands int eh world, they’re also some of the cheapest. So once you’re on them  you can settle back and enjoy instead of freak out like you would say on Bora Bora where a salad will put you back $50. I looked up the best time to … More…


Like street-food? Then Shanghai is the place to go


How many of you are planning on going to  Shanghai? Well, here’s something that will make your trip much more fun. See Shanghai can either be a modern day Hong Kong Or if you play your cards right and make a little time, you can catch a glimpse of the old city. And even better you can dine there. Yep, just minutes from the stuffy hi-tech business district of modern Shanghai, traditional street food is sold from the back doors of people living in the 1930s-built Jing’an Villas neighborhood. Do you … More…

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