Just in time for Spring/ Summer: 10 Hotels in Paris For Under $300

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It’s always a great time to go to Paris but its even better now. Believe it or not, Europe’s fiscal crisis is actually making Paris and Parisians a nicer place to visit. With so many less tourists, the city is calmer, the museums less full and you can even find a seat at a cafe. Now all you need is a god deal on a neighborhood hotel. Here’s a list straight from the horses mouth—the hippest fashionistas, the most well-traveled Francophiles all say these are the best places to go … More…


Don’t Miss The Hot deal on Spain


Spring is in the air, people are getting that itch to go somewhere and prices, well, they’re going up, of course. Planes are pretty much recession proof. But countries are not. And nowhere is this more evident than Spain right now. Not that I’d want to take advantage of a country’s suffering, but because of the recession there, honestly there is no better place to go for Spring Break or an early-summer vacation—read before August. And one of the best ways to travel Spain is by parador-hopping. What’s a parador, … More…


What to See at the Uffizi


Boy, I sure could have used this when I was standing at the locked doors of the Uffizi last summer, just dying to get in. This is undoubtedly Florence’s greatest museum and one of the top museums in the world. It holds a moment in time that changed the world forever. So when booking your spring flights to Florence—for a vacation with your children or to send them on school trips abroad—take a look at what Gallery director Antonio Natali  has to say about the best way to visit the … More…


Let’s Be Miserables in Paris

victor hugo

Did you know Victor Hugo’s own life story was not so different from the main character of his film, Jean Valjean? Born the son of one of Napoleon’s republican officers, Hugo was brought up in Paris. He published the Hunchback of Notre Dame when he was only 29 and became  famous around Europe. Ironically, Hugo was very much a monarchist and supported the king. In other words, he was against the revolutionaries of the early 1830s. In fact, Hugo was so much part of the Royalist establishment that in 1841 … More…


Doing Berlin Bowie-Style

Mr. David Bowie

Yesterday was a big day. David Bowie released his first single in ten years. Ten years. When I listened to the song I cried. Just to hear that voice I’d been so obsessively in love with all of my life come back after such a long silence was epic. The DJ said that crying was common- his voice sounded older, more frail and tat was exactly as it should be. Bowie was too good to ever try to strap on a silly outfit, get a spray tan and try to … More…

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