Cheap Flights to Europe-Check out the best beach clubs in the world


The Cannes Film Festival is just around the corner and whenever it comes, I think about beach clubs. Presidents and parties may come and go but you know what’s to stay? The tradition of Europe’s great beach clubs. So before you book your next rip to Europe, be sure to read about the best beach clubs- believe me this is where you’ll hang out all day long. And keep in mind, even if you’re not on an A-list budget, you can still chill out at a swanky beach club, even … More…


Cheap Flights to Cape Town- The Time is Right for Africa

Cape Town

Now you’re feeling adventurous, right? You can’t wait to dive with the sharks, jump off Table Mountain, wine taste until you drop, right? You got your cheap flights to cape town all booked, but  you have no idea where to stay.  It’s a standard problem when you’re new to a large city and don’t want the same old postage stamp Hilton hotel. We can help. Here’s a guide to the top ten hotels that don’t have a trademark or a banquet hall. Here’s how you drop into a city and … More…


Cheap flights to Rio-Just in time for Carnaval

Europe's Snowfall Yikes!

Judging by the freakishly cold European weather, meteorologists say spring might just come late this year. But not in Rio, never in Rio. In fact they’re gearing up for their Carnival coming up within weeks, so if you’ve got a bad case of winter blues, we’ve got the solution: book a couple cheap flights to Rio and you’ll feel your blues evaporate before you even touch down. Don’t even pack a suitcase- all you’ve got are tropical beaches surrounded by jungled slopes and granite monoliths, everyone wears flip-flops and really … More…


Discounted Hotels – Get a Free Quote Today

What’s the one thing that’s been missing at Best Travel Store? You’ve been asking for it! We’ve been working on it! YES, Hotels. We’ve been working on it, perfecting the software, negotiating the deals so that you will have at your fingertips access to: Discounted rates for over 120.000 hotels User-friendly booking interface Interactive hotel map with street view List of comparable hotels Guest Reviews No booking fee How do I Get the Best Hotel Deal from Best Travel Store? We will be launching the full hotel website soon, but … More…

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