Join the World in New Zealand Mania

hobbit craze

Yes, everyone is feeling the hobbit craze over here in LA. Gigantic posters of the small people and big-bearded wizards surrounded by the beauty of a magical place, line Sunset Blvd, announcing the arrival of the Hobbits on December 14. But we know that the faraway land isn’t a fictional a CGI land, it’s actually Peter Jackson’s New Zealand, a land so lush, so diverse, it can feel like you’re visiting a studio rather than a place. Take the massive spewing volcano Tongariro, for example. It stands alongside the peak … More…


Can You Give It Up For Cheap, Beautiful All-Inclusives?

dude, really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Come on, Who doesn’t fantasize over a nice all-inclusive? When you’ve got a family, it’s a dream. It removes hidden fees, takes away worries like kids ordering food and drinks throughout the day and can often cover any activity under the sun. Which translates to YOU not having to say NO every second your kids want to have fun because you’re so worried about bill backlash Now for the flipside: They’re expensive, with the average nightly rate at some of the bigger chains running $450 — per person. And … More…


Cheap Tickets to Bangkok For a Total Wellness Package

street prostitution

For some of you wellness might mean a couple of cheap flights to Bangkok and a lot of cheap sex and booze in the wet and humid Patpong, but trust me when I tell you that it’s not gonna last. Remember the blog I wrote about last week, all expats say it doesn’t last. In the end it only makes you feel sadder and lonelier. So what’s one to do when he/she feels like they’re in a rut, at the end of the line, burnt out at work and at … More…


Cheap Flights to Santiago- it’s happening!

W hotel

Chile is becoming very hot, or cool or however you want to say it these days. Patagonia is a wine lover’s dream, we’ve done blogs on that, and also the hip little beaches that go along with this very laid back place that attracts hippies and millionaires alike. And now the city of Santiago is showing just how hip the rest of the word thinks it is. Yep, book a cheap flight to Santiago and join the trendsetters in the big name hotels like W and new Patagonian powerhouses like … More…


Cheap Tickets to Belize-Experience the Carribean for less

glovers reef atoll

Okay, okay, okay…ever heard of Glover’s Reef? Named after a pirate. Water as clear as an aquamarine. Eco-conscious. Cheap. Not full of drunk women with fake boobs and guys with wallets full of ones. Hello!!! It’s time to book your family cheap tickets to Belize City for the most lovely, relaxing vacation of a lifetime. Glover’s Reef, about 28 miles from the coast of Belize, is one of the only true atolls in the Atlantic Ocean. Easy as heck to get there too, especially when we have cheap tickets to … More…

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