Macau’s Got Playboy Bunnies—Say What?

playboy bunnies takeover macau

What’s up with Macau? Is it becoming the Las Vegas of China or what? Actually Macao’s revenue is almost six times bigger. About 28 million tourists, mostly gamblers from mainland China, popped in last year. But now there’s a push to make it more than just a gambling destination. They want to make it a destination in and of itself much like Las Vegas did a decade ago. First there was Cirque du Soleil’s new show “Zaia” staged at The Venetian Macao gambling resort, then there’s the new Playboy club! … More…


Asiana Airlines–Isn’t It time You Heard About Them?

Asiana Airlines

Did you know that they offer tons of flights from LA, Seattle, NY, SF and Chicago to China, Korea, Russia and more? Did you know that Asiana maintains the most modern fleet worldwide and was the first airline in the world to be granted ISO 9002 certification on aircraft maintenance? How about that Asiana was named Airline of the Year 2009 by ATW, Airline of the Year 2010 by Skytrax and Airline of the Year 2011 by Global Traveler? In addition, Asiana has also received a Five Star Airline ranking … More…


Cheap Ticket to San Paulo


SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil, is a city of 11 million is a grimy, dangerous megalopolis but it’s also a culturally sophisticated, energetic, spectacularly social city with endless surprises and deep potential bubbling just below the scruffy surface. People are moving here from all over the world, the wealth, the art, the business opportunities are amazing. But it’s still below the surface. So if you had to fly to San Paulo and spend the weekend there and you really wanted to see the real city, not just the over-the-top glitz and glam … More…


Stop Stalling—It’s Only Going to Get Worse

The horror!

UH-OH!!!!! Have you NOT booked your holiday travel yet? Well, you better get on it ASAP. Let’s face it, most people work on strong denial about holiday travel. Some hope that if they wait long enough, their mother-in-law won’t find the tickets. Some hope that if they wait long enough the prices will drop and some just hope if they wait long enough it will just all go away. It’s stressful, people are squeezed for cash and patience. So what’s the answer? Get it over with. Prices are going up … More…


Kerala’s Plantation Past Feels Just like the Present

hill station

Kerala hills Family-run rubber plantations in Kerala are throwing open their doors revealing a way of life some might say is heaven on earth. And what an experience it is. The next time you have to fly to Mumbai for business, hop on a flight down south to kerala for a weekend getaway like no other. The Koottickal valley is at the heart of Kerala’s rubber belt. In the foothills of the Western Ghats (the gigantic mountainous ridge that runs down the spine of south India), the belt is a wide … More…

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