New and Improved Travel Bundles

the add-ons

Do you remember a few years back, around 2010 when most of the US Airlines unbundled their service, charging separately for baggage, food, even reserved seating? So basically you were wowed by the cheap cost of the ticket but reality soon came crashing down on you that by the time you paid for your bag, your seat reservation and your meal, well, you were getting dangerously close to what a ticket used to cost before they unbundled. Do you like being the first to know? If you enjoy always getting … More…


Need Cheap Tickets to Europe? Here’s how.

paris in winter

Winter is definitely the time to travel to Europe. Airfares are lower, so are hotels. Another way to  bring prices down is to go somewhere else than Paris and London. Try Spain, Portugal, Russia. If you’re willing to brave the weather, Northern European countries are a great place to go. If last summers’s price hikes are any indication of 2013, travel from June to September just might be out of your reach. Do you like being the first to know? If you enjoy always getting the best tips, deals and … More…


Virgin Premium—Is it really worth it?

Virgin America

Stop sending me emails, inundating my inbox with tears. I am back. Yes, I was away for a week, BUT I was careful to give you a whole bunch of cool places to keep in mind when you’re dying to jump ship—and I’m not talking the Costa Concordia here. Anyway, I was away sampling good old Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy on my way to New York City where the hubby and I got away for a few days without the children. I was excited to try Virgin Premium—my husband, who … More…


Shopping Spree in Jaipur, Anyone?


Do you have any idea how many fashion designers head to Jaipur for design and fashion inspiration? Thousands. Millions. And flights are so cheap and so easy to come by. Most cities like London and Paris seem like calm meadows compared to a place so rich, so thrilling. Jaipur will make you come alive again and for most designers this is why they come. To come alive. It’s as easy as walking into a market stall filled with jeans embroidered with crazy patterns, or at a chic boutique that sells … More…


Slip inside a steamy bath inside a volcano on your next vacation

Dive this

We’re known for our great deals, especially our cheap tickets to places like Manila and the Philippines. It’s a country that doesn’t get its due when it comes to nature tourism even though it is consistently written up as one of the best dive spots on this great planet of ours. Divers, of course, are grateful. But we are agents of travel and it is our job to spread the word when something is meant to be seen. Anyway, when I was writing about the volcano erupting in New Zealand, … More…

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