cheap flight to hong kong-be the first to try out Cathay Pacific’s new Premium Class

cathay pacific airlines

Cathay Pacific premium economy class let’s you stretch out Yes, people for all of you with flights to hong kong on the horizon, things just got a heck of a lot more interesting. Put it this way, cheap flights to hong kong might just feel like you’re flying first. Let me give you a little taste… priority boarding and more legroom, Cathay’s new premium economy class is¬† re-igniting passenger enthusiasm for long-haul travel, and Cathay Pacific just picked up its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft yesterday. Fitted with the airlines’ new … More…


Flights to Australia-Go Virgin Australia all the way!

Virgin Chairman Branson knows how to live

For all you Aussies out there dreaming of going home and visiting your family OR wishing you could fly from Australia to the US to visit your family here, it’s never been easier to book cheap tickets to Australia than it is now. And now when people ask what airlines fly to Australia people are answering V Australia faster than the national airline Qantas. V Australia, baby, it’s the best way to go.¬† With flights to Sydney from Los Angeles as well as Brisbane,¬† Virgin Australia is one of the … More…


Cheap Ticket to Nigeria Direct from Houston


It’s the time of year when many of you expats start combing the internet for cheap flights to Lagos from London. But now there’s another option. Yep, a new DIRECT cheap flight to Lagos from Houston. Yep, that’s right, Houston gets the first non-stop flight to Africa! Yes, if you’re planning on going home for the holidays¬† or you want to book for people flying from Lagos, grab those cheap tickets to Lagos now before the prices climb. For the first time you can sit undisturbed from Houston all the … More…


Family Travel-the depths of despair

Oh, no, stop right there!

Honestly, I don’t think they like our kids. The noise of them, the hunger, the thirst, the fact that they have to get up once and a while, and when they say no, you can’t cuff ‘em. And domestic flights penalize us for them all the time in little ways like: Baggage fees No early boarding Separate seats Not long ago, families were treated like royalty on airplanes. They actually liked children back then. They’d be greeted by smiling flight attendants with gifts! Yes gifts! Remember those miniature pilot wings? … More…


Trapped on a plane-JetBlue Shame on You


My husband called me from New York on Thursday and screamed down the line¬† “I’ve gotta change my ticket, there’s a bad storm coming.” I was like oh, come on there’s no storm, I haven’t heard a thing on the news.¬† He said it was supposed to be huge and the last thing he wanted to get was stuck or bumped or canceled. So he rushed back to his hotel and called Virgin to change his flight. But as it would happen all of Virgin’s computers went down. Everything for … More…

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