Take That Turkey—South Korea is Modern. Not Like You.

womens rights

South Korea is impressing me more and more these days…. One small step for Asiana flight attendants, one big step for womenkind. I have to hand it to those ladies. They had the you-know-what to tell the airline to hell with your skirts-only rule and they won!!! I also have to hand it to the South Korean human rights commission for coming to the conclusion that making women NOT wear pants was discrimination.  And so starting in a month or two the Seoul-based airline says it will be introducing a pants option. … More…


Virgin Premium—Is it really worth it?

Virgin America

Stop sending me emails, inundating my inbox with tears. I am back. Yes, I was away for a week, BUT I was careful to give you a whole bunch of cool places to keep in mind when you’re dying to jump ship—and I’m not talking the Costa Concordia here. Anyway, I was away sampling good old Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy on my way to New York City where the hubby and I got away for a few days without the children. I was excited to try Virgin Premium—my husband, who … More…


Premium Economy Can Feel Like First

Qantas' new premium economy class.

But before you do, read this. Why, because not all premium economy classes are created equal. Some are awesome and some aren’t worth the money—unless the company is paying for it, then it’s definitely better than the standard Economy. There are currently only nine airlines that offer a true premium economy product originating in the USA. These airlines are Alitalia, ANA, British Airways,  EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Scandinavian Airlines, V Australia and Virgin Atlantic. The USA-based carriers’ so-called Economy Plus seats that they  flog for an extra $50 are not real Premium … More…


Booking and Holding onto those damn seats

lufthansa airlines

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rant. For a German Airline, Lufthansa sure has a few glitches to address. Case in point. Seating assignments. If you’ve read the blog in the past or read any travel blogs out there I’m sure you’ve heard about the increasing trend of airlines NOT to GIVE a SHIT about confirmed seating assignments. When we left LAX our seats were confirmed by our travel agent, and my husband is a what they call part of the Senator club which means we get to eat free … More…


How Do I Get to Sit Next to My Own Children?

your seat mate

Being forced to sit next to anyone other than Brad Pitt for ten hours is a basic nightmare. So when I came across this: Apparently, by this coming spring the Dutch airline KLM plans to allow all intercontinental passengers the right to choose their seatmates based on data uploaded from Facebook and other sites. Which means you can basically blind date on the plane, talk about multi-tasking. PS…If your husband or boyfriend seems to be hitting the friendly skies even more than usual, check his facebook page. And that little … More…

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