Panama cheap flights-get the office, hop a river cruise

discovery river cruise panama

Ever thought about looking into airfares to Panama? I’m telling you it’s highly underrated. A friend of mine just got back from a kayaking trip on the Chagres River on the Caribbean coast of Panama. Some of you geography buffs might remember it as the river the Spanish used to bring their treasure from Peru to Spanish Main. Talk about a nature adventure. In this hot steamy weather you’re surrounded by howler monkeys deep in the forest, three-toed sloths hanging from trees without a care in the world and vibrant … More…


The Freedom of Online Travel

the good old days

Last week when I wrote about older people and some of the indignities they have to go through when traveling, you may have gotten the impression that the good old days of travel are over. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Traveling was NOT so much better fifty years ago. Take a look: Cost For example, when have there been flight tickets for 5 dollars? Or a time when you could get a 100 EURO 12hr flight from Malaysia to Europe? Think about it, for better or for … More…


Ecuador – hidden gems close to Quito

Eco-Tours at San Jorge Eco-Lodges & Botanical Reserves – The Magic Hiking Circuit Ecuador is a perfect destination for  eco-adventures. The bio-diversity, natural wonders, Incan culture and high quality of eco-tourism are a big attraction for active travelers, nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, botanists, biologist and nature photographers from all over the world. Just north of Quito is the equator (that fictitious line in the middle of the Earth). I want to share my experience from a recent trip to Ecuador with a group of hikers and nature fans from Los Angeles … More…


When relatives come and stay for the holidays

offensive? I think not.

  Oh, boy, is it in the air. I can feel it coming. There’s no running away. Summer unfolds so lazily but from September to December it’s like a slap in the face and then of course comes the HOLIDAYS and with it a whole host of problems. Did you notice I used the word HOST? Well, if you haven’t heard it already, let me be the first to warn you, your relatives are already thinking about their travel dates, length of time they must to spend in order to … More…


Trapped on a plane-JetBlue Shame on You


My husband called me from New York on Thursday and screamed down the line  “I’ve gotta change my ticket, there’s a bad storm coming.” I was like oh, come on there’s no storm, I haven’t heard a thing on the news.  He said it was supposed to be huge and the last thing he wanted to get was stuck or bumped or canceled. So he rushed back to his hotel and called Virgin to change his flight. But as it would happen all of Virgin’s computers went down. Everything for … More…

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