Sri Lanka: A Perfect Alternative

sri lanka

sri lanka When I went to India after university, I was scheduled to go to Sri Lanka. I couldn’t wait to see its Buddhist culture, its elephants, its beaches. One of my best friends in college came from there and had told me so much about it. But then sadly, the bombs came. The fighting between the Tamils coming down from the north and the Sinhalese from the south reached crazy proportions. So I had to cancel my trip. Jaffna Now, Sri Lanka has recovered from the war. This small … More…


Luxury Travel: A New Definition

sleeping by the pier

You know how we’ve been saying that travel is changing? Well, here’s another way its changing. Besides booking for active holidays—biking, swimming, river rafting (think Australia and New Zealand—people are now booking environmentally conscious vacations that are also luxurious. And we’re not just talking about  reusing their bed linen.  Over the coming years you can finally see sustainability integrated in very cool and  inventive ways. One way is the environment. Nowadays people want their vacations in nature, think Costa Rica, Belize, the Philippines. they want to feel a part of … More…


Travel Alert: Ladies Watch It In India

woman gangraped

When I was a student in England, everyone went to India for their gap year or their summer after A Levels. It was so common, that no one batted an eye. It was also so safe that mothers and fathers didn’t think twice about sending their daughters there. The trend has come here with many hippy do-gooders  wanting to go to India after graduating form some liberal arts school.  But India is not what it was. Rape is becoming more and more prevalent. Check this out: Five men gang-raped a … More…



vacation sex

How’s that for a headline? I came across it the other day and thought I’d send it out to you all because travel and sex go together like apple pie and cheese. And heads-up, people, I’m not talking traveling FOR sex, but having sex with the one you ARE traveling with, preferably your husband or wife. When vacation time rolls around, like right this minute, and we’re all busy thinking Hawaii, Mexico, Europe. We’re stressed about getting the house in order, the kids packed, the dog sent off. Pre-vacation time … More…


What Every Mom Needs to Know

Hawaiian villa

 This is what’s on the lips of most moms these days: How do I know what to rent this summer? And why shouldn’t it be. House rentals are the way to go if you’re a family and even if you’re a couple, sometimes that privacy, that kitchen, that pool and housekeeping service is what couples crave most. But when you’ve never been to the place and have little insider information, just how do you go about finding the dream villa, or perfect city apartment that will cater to your … More…

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