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  1. Over and Out — March 29, 2013
  2. Zambia’s Got Its First Budget Airline! — March 29, 2013
  3. North Korea—It’s Getting Trendy. Say What? — March 29, 2013
  4. Take That Turkey—South Korea is Modern. Not Like You. — March 29, 2013
  5. Sri Lanka: A Perfect Alternative — March 21, 2013

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Over and Out


Alright, my peeps. It’s time for me to say ciao. Adios. See ya soon. I’m taking my leave. I’m off and running onto new places, doing new things. However, if you enjoy always getting the best tips, deals and insider news before everyone else then make sure to visit and follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be doing things that include places like this (follow our new blog and maybe you can join in on the fun!): And this: And maybe a little of this: So think … More…


Zambia’s Got Its First Budget Airline!


Zambia’s on fire, people. And not in the bad way. Zambia has made a name for itself in the last ten years, as a high quality wildlife destination and one that is particularly good for walking safaris.  Intimate (and often rustic) bushcamps, excellent local guides, beautiful  scenery and varied game and birdlife are the trademarks of a safari in Zambia. Not to mention the fact that they have worked so hard to protect their most prized resource: Their animals. If you are interested in planning an African Safari you can … More…


North Korea—It’s Getting Trendy. Say What?

friday night fun

Guess what? Pyongyang, the North Korean capital and home to more than 3 million people, is becoming quite the hot spot travel destination these days. I think it sounds like a prison sentence. You tell me: First off: All foreign visitors and tour groups must be accompanied by guards. You can’t photograph much. You can’t walk wherever you want and whatever you do you cannot talk to North Korean people.  They make it so any direct contact with the North Korean people is virtually impossible. But according to most people who’ve been … More…


Take That Turkey—South Korea is Modern. Not Like You.

womens rights

South Korea is impressing me more and more these days…. One small step for Asiana flight attendants, one big step for womenkind. I have to hand it to those ladies. They had the you-know-what to tell the airline to hell with your skirts-only rule and they won!!! I also have to hand it to the South Korean human rights commission for coming to the conclusion that making women NOT wear pants was discrimination.  And so starting in a month or two the Seoul-based airline says it will be introducing a pants option. … More…


Sri Lanka: A Perfect Alternative

sri lanka

sri lanka When I went to India after university, I was scheduled to go to Sri Lanka. I couldn’t wait to see its Buddhist culture, its elephants, its beaches. One of my best friends in college came from there and had told me so much about it. But then sadly, the bombs came. The fighting between the Tamils coming down from the north and the Sinhalese from the south reached crazy proportions. So I had to cancel my trip. Jaffna Now, Sri Lanka has recovered from the war. This small … More…

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